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There is this song that I used to hear when I was little.
The only information I have about it is that it was the song used to test the audio system in Audi A8 1998. I've been searching for it for a long while.

"No there's no one
There's no one like you"
-- is a part of the lyrics that I'm able to remember.

Does anyone have any idea what is its name?
Dragon Emblem by Rudi-Chama
Dragon Emblem
Another Photoshop work. Something I made for my brother, but I still haven't gotten a reply from him, so I don't know what he thinks of it yet. I hope he checks his mail soon..

I'm having fun with dragons! The original image was also a vector image.

I don't know which category this falls into, but I don't think it's Photomanipulation?

Photoshop CS5
Beach Dragon by Rudi-Chama
Beach Dragon
I tried making it as real as possible, but there are things that I still can't fix. Hopefully it looks good enough and appealing to you. The exercise at first was to make a sand-looking text, and I did it, but mr laptop decided that restarting before I saved anything was a good idea. Even the start of my 3D Modeling assignment got deleted TT^TT

Photoshop CS5

Original dragon vector:
 <da:thumb id="49523951">
TezuFuji: Flower Shop Fluff-2 by Rudi-Chama
TezuFuji: Flower Shop Fluff-2
All the notes are in the first page.

Page 1: TezuFuji: Flower Shop Fluff-1

Tezuka Kunimitsu and Fuji Syuusuke belong to Konomi Takeshi :heart:

Note: They are engaged here.
TezuFuji: Flower Shop Fluff-1 by Rudi-Chama
TezuFuji: Flower Shop Fluff-1
When I first got into CGA course, I didn't expect to find things that I would mostly enjoy. But the Storyboarding for Film & Animation course changed my mind. It is basically, 'How to draw manga' and why.

Anyway, my first assignment was to draw a sensible visual sequence of a story of our own. I did my own story, and thankfully, managed to do it on time. I'm so happy that I got to do it!
On another hand, I fail at using colors.. :unimpressed: yes, people, that is my complex in arts..

It turned out to be a fanart, because my mind works like that. Tezuka and Fuji in an AU, specifically a flower shop. Fuji is genderbent here. I only wrote FLORA on her apron so that it would be clear that she works in a shop named FLORA, but classmates thought that was her name, and I was tempted to say, "No, her name is Fuji." but they would just stare at me for minutes for choosing such a 'weird, meaningless name for a girl. What was it again?' because no one had ever heard Japanese. Maybe one of my older classmates only.. and my two closest friends because I tell them about it.

To PoT fans, I know they look out of their real characters, but I can't explain to my teacher or classmates why is the man frowning while she is smiling at him. No one would understand them.

I apologize for all of you for the bad scanlation work.

Tell me how I did!
It's two pages.
Page 2: TezuFuji: Flower Shop Fluff-2

Tezuka and Fuji belong to Konomi Takeshi :heart:

PS: If the matching rings don't make it clear, the two are engaged.
See, I have a teacher whose hobby is calling my name and just keep calling me thinking that I'm not following her.

I'm writing a note, "Rudi, are you with me?"
I'm looking at the big shown screen, she waves her arms in front of me, "Rudi, are you with me?"
I'm looking at her while she's explaining, "Anything wrong, Rudi?"
I'm smiling, "Is something wrong, Rudi?"
I'm not smiling, "Is something wrong, Rudi?"
I'm following her works, "Are you here, Rudi?"

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Arigatou Gozaimasu!

Minna-san, kon'nichi wa.

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